Calling all Homeowners… Did you know?

Owning a home is a great experience! I find it satisfying to maintain, update and add to the features of my home to my taste and comfort. Homeownership also comes with the heavy lifting of repairs if the home is damaged by nature or an unforeseen event. Did you know in many homeowners insurance policies there is a clause that covers the services for debris removal from the site of your home when removing materials and objects that are damaged? Check your individual policy to know for sure. You can call Garbage Guy, the superhero of junk removal and a local family-owned business, to be your service provider.

Garbage Guy is prompt to get you a comprehensive bid so you can submit a claim to your homeowners insurance policy. Then your insurance company will communicate with you and let you know what your policy allows in your coverage. This is so helpful in covering the costs of damage from a storm that takes down a treasured tree. We will bid the labor and hauling to get your damaged space free of debris so you can get repairs done as soon as possible.

        Cactus in backyard

In the photo above, we removed a large saguaro cactus and damaged barbecue island to restore the yard to usable condition. (cacti are heavy-almost 5,000 pounds)

At Garbage Guy we look forward to serving you in your time of need. Check out our website at and meet the crew that will help you come back from disaster.

Homeownership is great with the team at Garbage Guy helping you get junk free.

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