Superior Junk Removal in Chandler, Arizona

Wondering what to do with all that junk in Chandler, Arizona? Garbage Guy can help! We specialize in junk removal and can help make your life cleaner and easier by getting rid of that unwanted stuff that has been sitting around your backyard, cluttering up your garage, or piling up in your house.

Chandler has been recognized as one of the best places to live in Arizona. To keep Chandler one of the best places in the state, we must keep it clean for the community and visitors. At Garbage Guy, we are a full-service junk removal company that strives to help you with all your junk removal needs.

If you have old appliances, furniture, or just garbage that has been crowding your home or backyard, we can properly dispose of everything. We take care of pickup, removal, and disposal in the easiest and most affordable way. 


Keep Chandler Clean By Calling Garbage Guy

When Garbage Guy takes care of your junk, trash gets delivered to proper disposal sites. If your junk’s life can be extended, it will. If your old furniture or appliances can still be used, we will either recycle them or donate them to local charities. When items are recycled, our team ensures that they are sorted correctly and delivered to proper recycling centers. 

Garbage Guy’s Services 

At Garbage Guy, we have the trucks and tools necessary for bulk junk removal services, REO trash out services, and appliance removal and disposal. When you book our services, we will collect every last bit of junk and leave your space cleaner than you expected. 

More of the services we offer in Chandler include:

  • Hot Tub Removal
  • Electronics Removal
  • Dump Trailer Rental
  • Property Cleanout Services

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to help. You are also welcome to explore our site and learn more about what we do. 

Find out how our experienced team can transform a junk-filled room into a clean, spacious one that you can repurpose. Forget about the hassle you would have to go through to dispose of your junk, Garbage Guy can take care of all your junk related problems.



We offer appliance removal and disposal, bulk junk removal, and REO trash out services. Tell us when and where you need us and we will get rid of that junk for you and leave things cleaner than you may expect!


A single sofa, appliance or a small pile of trash. Equivalent to 1 full-sized pickup load.




Suitable for bigger piles of garbage or debris, a few furniture items or appliances.




Perfect for cleaning out the garage full of junk! Equivalent to 4 full-sized pickup loads.




That’s a lotta garbage! One of our full loads is equivalent to 6-8 full-sized pickup loads.



Is it time to tackle that mess that’s been staring you in the face for a while? Garbage Guy in Chandler, Arizona knows that it’s not always as easy as it seems. It takes time, energy and manpower to get rid of those unsightly and unwanted items.

You’re not in the mood to deal with having a garage sale but you don’t own a truck to take that stuff to the dump. That’s where Garbage Guy comes in! We are fully equipped to come in with our trucks and haul that junk away! We charge by the amount we haul away; it may only be ⅛ of a load or it could be a full load.

Give Garbage Guy a call today at 480-241-0110 or head over to our scheduling page and let us give you a free junk removal quote.


Parking lot empty after removing all the trash
backyard full of garbage ready to be clean
construction debris and garbage bags

From the very beginning, these guys provided excellent customer service. They were professional, courteous, and helpful on the phone. They called me 30 minutes before they arrived and were punctual. Jake did a really good job cleaning out the debris at my house. He worked hard and exhibited a very positive attitude about his work. Afterwords he made sure that everything was cleaned up thoroughly. These guys exemplify what customer service should be.

Joe M

Garbage Guy did a wonderful job cleaning up our messy barn - better than I had expected!!

Edie Gallacher

Robert Allen did a great job hauling away an assortment of lawn waste, construction debris and "Goodwill" items from a property in Sun Lakes being readied for sale. He was prompt, courteous and efficient. Would hire him again anytime.

James ODonnell

Wow! What a difference he made at our house! The before and after pictures are amazing. Robert worked hard in very hot weather and went above and beyond:) Thanks!

Chelsea Miller

Robert and his crew do an absolutely awesome job at cleaning out our church dumpster areas. He takes before & after pics and believe me they do great work. We would definitely recommend the Garbage Guy to anyone that needs junk or trash removal.

Donna Dirksen

I've used Garbage Guy both professionally and at home. He is prompt, courteous, and does a GREAT job.

Jason W.

Robert is responsive and takes care of stuff really well. Other than your clean whatever it is you had him there for, you'll never know he was there. A great guy who treats you fairly.

Tim Wallace

Great fast service! Very reasonable rates. I highly recommend the garbage guy!

Bill Frost

I used Garbage Guy to clear out old debris in my pasture. He went above and beyond my expectations and stuck to his original estimate! He's awesome to work with....

Jill Klancic

These guys were fantastic. Had a big screen projection TV, 165 lbs, that I had been trying to get someone to pick up for 1 1/2 yrs. heard about Garbage Guy, called and in less than an hour they were there, loaded up TV and gone. Highly recommend.

Dave B.

Renters had left my acre of land in a horrible mess! It looked like an abandoned garbage pile. I called the Garbage Guy out and had a quote and the acre cleaned up in record time. Fast, professional and efficient and a smoking deal for the price. Highly recommended without reservations.

Yolanda Rodriguez