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Cheap Junk Removal?

Many of us have a childhood memory of getting rid of junk by going out to the city dump in an old Ford (or Chevy) pickup truck to get rid of things from a home or yard cleanup project. Often, the city dump was just a big hole in the ground on the far edge of town and only open on the weekends. You could throw away just about anything and sometimes it was free or about $10. Those days are long gone, and waste management is a much more involved process than most people realize.

We would like to educate the larger world about the costs of junk removal. The dump fees, labor, fuel, liability insurance, and marketing are all calculated to arrive at a fair price and still make a profit. Removing junk is not cheap. It is reasonable at Garbage Guy and many of our customer reviews list ‘fair pricing’ as a favorite feature. Our 5-star reviews are a source of satisfaction for all of us at Garbage Guy.

Currently in Arizona, dump fees range from $60-80 dollars depending on the load size (more if the load includes heavy debris). Labor costs to drive to your house is $16-18 per employee per hour (before taxes). We send two employees to give you an estimate and perform the labor, so you don’t have to move anything. Fuel -well you know at $4.65 a gallon how fast that adds up in a large dump truck that gets about 9-10 miles per gallon. Insurance is expensive for our business, and it provides assurance for you and us while we are on your property. Marketing is about $48 dollars for a lead. We are making a great junk removal service available while covering the costs to do so. It costs us about $100 to come say ‘hello’ and goes up from there based on the work we do and the size of the load. Our small load is about $175 currently and includes all the costs above. That is a lot compared to $10 from your childhood, but it barely covers our expenses.

Garbage Guy junk removal gives those who call a polite response when customers wonder if our service is free. It is not. We do not buy furniture or appliances. We do not purchase metals or TVs that need ‘a little repair’ and we don’t have a dump site. We are junk haulers who have worked in this business for 18 years in the Phoenix metro area and in the East Valley, including Mesa, Chandler, Queen Creek, and the San Tan Valley. We love being part of the community. We have a great life here.

We come to your house and give you a price for removing your junk. We price the job based on how much space it will take in the truck. If you have heavy junk like remodeling debris, cement, brick, pavers, or dirt we will also add a weight and labor fee. We can give you a pretty good idea of costs over the phone or from photos if you send us some. Call or text us at 480-241-0110 and we can answer any questions you might have.

Taking your junk away and leaving a clean space is a pleasure for us. We enjoy our work and the jobs we give to our employees. We like cleaning up one property at a time and giving the earth a lift from the junk collected. It is important to have clean spaces. Clean spaces help us be happier, healthier and make better choices.