Cool Creations I saw this week

I see a lot of JUNK.  I see a lot of interesting stuff as well.  We recycle or donate a LOT every week.


I also see a lot of cool things in my travels that I want to share with someone.

hard to believe it is flat cinderblock
This is a flat wall

I love this paint job.  This building is near 40th street in Phoenix. I love the way the landscape stones match and blend into the painting.  Even standing 10 feet away, it is hard to tell that the wall is flat.  It is fun to look at.  Whenever I have been driving down this street, I can’t resist the urge to pull over and just look at it.  I went 40 miles out of my way on a date with my wife one night just so I could show it to her.  I have now taken 2 or 3 of my children to see it at different times as well.  I first saw it a couple of years ago and am always glad to find that it is still there and in good shape.


creative use of utensils
Creative use of utensils

We took one of our children to the airport for a trip this week.  In an airport gift shop, we saw a lot of cool creations.  One of my favorite displays was mostly made of cans, pans, and silverware.  I thought it a very creative re-use of everyday items in an artistic way.

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