Garbage pick-up in times of coronavirus

With so many people in quarantine in their homes and a significant increase in medical waste, garbage pickup cannot stop. Trash collection is vital during this time because infected garbage must not be left out. 

Although it is a high risk for trash collectors, with the right protection and all safety measures, it can be done. Garbage Guy is open and continues serving the Arizona community even in times of coronavirus.


Safety Measures We Are Taking To Help You 

At Garbage Guy, we are still open, available for our customers and working hard to keep our team clean and safe as we go out to help our customers dispose of their trash. Our safety measures ensure that we limit contact between you and our team. 

We are currently taking payments over the phone to comply with social distancing. If you need us for garbage pickup, we can schedule it online. Once we arrive, you can point us towards your trash from a safe distance and we’ll take it from there.

How You Can Help Us 

Just as we take measures to protect you, there are things you can do before pickup to help us. Regular household garbage can be disposed of as usual, but when it comes to personal waste such as cleaning cloths, used tissues, masks, gloves, etc., these should be placed with a garbage bag. For safety reasons, the bags should then be placed in a second garbage bag and be securely tied.

 For additional precautions, it is recommended to isolate the bags for 72 hours before placing them in the garbage bin. We believe that by taking measures, we can help each other out in this complicated time. 

Schedule A Pick Up 

 You might have thought of hauling away your trash, but haven’t due to social distancing. Let us take care of it. We will properly dispose of it, and we count on proper transportation. 

At Garbage Guy, we are ready to pick up your trash. Times are complicated, and garbage accumulation can be a threat, which is why we continue to serve our community to eliminate waste. Scheduling a pick up is simple; you can do so online, or call us at (480) 372-2937. Our garbage removal company is locally owned and operated, we have been serving and will continue to serve communities in Arizona, one job at a time.



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