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Home Clean-Up and Organization for a Successful School Year

Did you know getting organized can help contribute to a successful school year?

Students across the valley are headed back to school. If you have children, you know that school is always a family affair. Poor school-related organization can impact an entire family negatively. Families and students who struggle to manage time, keep track of things, or both, usually report elevated levels of unhappiness and stress. Additionally, parent-child relationships may deteriorate considerably as a result of poor school performance arising from disorganization. Fortunately, we have gathered various strategies to ensure you are organized and ready for a successful school year.

Clean Out the Craft Drawer

Take some time to empty your house of anything that is almost exhausted before school begins. Some items to eliminate include sticky scissors, half-used pencils, and broken crayons. You can also set aside nearly dried-up markers in a pile that might last for just a few more activities. This strategy not only frees space but also enables you to determine what back-to-school items you need to purchase.

Buy Backpacks that Promote Organization

Get your kid a backpack with numerous compartments. Also, help your child to identify what will go where in their school bag (e.g., a specific spot for pens and pencils, another spot for books and binders, etc). Buy papers with strong holes to minimize the chances of losing pages. Additionally, a three-ring binder is essential. It should have colored tabs for different subjects and inserts that have pockets for notes.

Reserve a Shelf or Cabinet for School Supplies at Home

It is always wise to reserve a space near the front door for all of the things that your child carries to school daily. Label the cabinet or shelf by color for each child to ensure that needed items can be found quickly. You can also hang a hook underneath the shelf for a sports bag or a backpack.  

Keep Extra Supplies

Children, especially those with attention issues, lose things easily. Therefore, have a drawer or cabinet shelf stocked with binders, pencils, tape, rulers, and other essentials. Ensure that you post a checklist in the cabinet where your child can mark whenever they take an item.

Organize your Child’s Room

It is crucial to separate school art and supplies, ongoing projects, and finished work into labeled file cabinets, folders, bins, or under-bed boxes. Provide a bulletin board for reminders and a shelf for books. Also, give your child a three-hole punch, a stapler, and big binder clips.

Here’s to a happy, organized, and successful school year! And, as always, Garbage Guy is here to help with any of your junk removal needs!