How Does Trash Impact Climate Change?

According to the U.S.PIRG Education Fund 2018 report, every American produces an average of seven pounds of garbage every day. This huge amount of trash ends up being incinerated or dumped into landfills or the natural environment. 

The trash we generate and the way we manage it has a critical impact on climate change. Although our actions might seem insignificant, everything we buy has a carbon footprint. 

Individuals and communities can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas house emissions by making more sustainable consumption decisions that reduce their production of waste. Moreover, homeowners can contribute by recycling and ensuring that their trash is disposed of in the right place.

The Impact of Human Activity

Human activity produces greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions come from burning fossil for our factories, cars, and plains. Therefore, the transportation and production processes of all the things we consume change the natural greenhouse. Ultimately, landfills also contribute to this process by releasing methane gas, a greenhouse gas.

The increasing amount of greenhouse gases provokes the Earth to warm, affecting how ecosystems interact with one another. These changes on Earth’s conditions are what we know as climate change.

What is Climate Change?

Climate describes the weather patterns that are expected in an area at a particular time of the year. Climate change refers to abnormal variations in a place’s climate. Recently, changes in Earth’s climate have become more evident.

Due to human activities, the earth’s surface temperature is rising at a faster rate than ever before. These drastic changes in the earth’s conditions can have serious consequences on human life and the environment.

Can we change this?

Although decreasing the waste needs of governments and corporations to be addressed at a large scale, we can do our part from home. Waste prevention and recycling can significantly help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You can prevent all trash from ending up in landfills by hiring eco-friendly removal services. 

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