How to Deal With Abandoned Waste in Your Property

We all collect items that we don’t longer use or need in our households. Most of the time, these things include pieces of furniture, old appliances, and bulky items that can’t be collected by residential collection services.

Although accumulating unwanted things in your backyard seems to be harmless, the excess of waste in your property can significantly affect the health and well being of you, your family, and your neighbors. Besides provoking unpleasant odors, the accumulation of unneeded materials in your household contributes to the transmission of vector-borne diseases. 

Report Abandoned Waste

Many people get rid of the items they no longer use by leaving them in the streets, open lots, alleys, and even private properties. Mattresses, couches, doors, and appliances are common items that people dispose of in private and public places. Most of the time, people do so to avoid paying disposal fees.

Besides being restricted, this method of waste disposal creates unsightly and unsanitary conditions in the community. Leaving waste in unauthorized areas of Arizona is strictly prohibited. If you find abandoned waste near your property or neighborhood, try to identify the person or company who left it there, and report it immediately to the Environmental Services Complaint Line


Get Rid of Your Abandoned Waste 

Having spaces crammed with clutter provides unhealthy living environments. Throwing all that stuff away will give you more space and will help you improve the look of your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Decluttering your home is easier and cheaper than you think. If your property is stuffed with abandoned waste and you want to get rid of it, hire Garbage Guy. We are a local junk, trash, and appliance removal company with years of experience in the industry. We have qualified technicians and the right equipment to provide you with all the waste solutions that you need. 

Working with Garage Guy is simple. Call us at (480) 372-2937 or fill out our online form. Once we have the description of the waste you want to get rid of, we will give you an estimation free of charge. 




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