How to Get Rid of Your Household Appliances in an Eco-Friendly Way

Some people dispose of household appliances in the wrong way, affecting the environment negatively. If you’re interested in eco-friendly appliance removal, you’re in the right place. Let’s explore five ways to dispose of your appliances responsibly. 

Check With The Manufacturer or  Retailer

Some of the appliance manufacturers have “buyback” or eco-friendly junk removal programs for old appliances. Visit your manufacturer’s website or call their customer service number to find out if such a program exists and if you are eligible to participate. Also, the retail store where you purchased your new appliance may offer to pick up and dispose of your old one.

Contact Your Electric Utility Provider

Some utility providers may have a program to help you reduce energy use by disposing of old, inefficient appliances that are still in working condition. Working appliances can be refurbished, cleaned up, and resold.

Repair The Old Appliance

If you’re wondering if you should keep your barely working appliance or let it go, you can get in touch with an appliance and repair specialist who might restore it. They will let you know if it’s worth the money and how much time it will last. 

Donate as Much as You Can 

If your appliances are still in good working condition, donate them to a shelter or home that would likely benefit. Being able to give back to those in need helps you achieve a greater sense of personal satisfaction and growth, it feels good to help others. 

Recycle & Protect the Environment

Recycling is very important as waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment. The good news is that appliances are usually made of metal and other recyclable materials. Therefore, if you don’t intend to keep the item or it’s no longer useful, you should recycle it. 

Garbage Guy is The Best Way to Get Rid of your Household Appliances

Garbage Guy is the local eco-friendly junk removal company that you can count on. With many years of experience in the industry, our business has been serving customers in Arizona. We specialize in eco-friendly appliance removal and offer a wide range of junk removal services. 

Besides, we don’t just take your garbage and dump it in the landfill. We classify each item and check if it’s worth recycling and even donating it to local charities. Contact us today and learn more about our eco-friendly appliance removal at affordable rates. 



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