Illegal Dumping is a Nightmare!!

Garbage Guy is the solution to illegal dumping. We get regular calls for help to remedy junk, trash, and construction debris illegally dumped on vacant properties. Store owners and businesses with large dumpsters call us when someone has filled their dumpster area illegally with furniture or yard debris and can’t get the dumpster dumped by the trash removal service. Such a headache! No problem for Garbage Guy! We have the team, the truck, and timely service to get you out of a pinch and back to business! We’ll clean out the enclosure and clear off the dumpster so it can be accessed and serviced again.

Illegal dumping is also a bad practice used by anyone to avoid the cost of dump fees. No one wins when dumping illegally on someone else’s property or using the dumpster service someone else paid for. We encourage everyone to “Keep it honest. Keep it friendly. Keep it clean.”

Worst of all is dumping debris in the desert. No Bueno! Garbage Guy is called sadly to get rid of illegal dump piles on remote property. We are the most reasonably priced and we know how to get it done quickly to avoid city and county fines. However, there is illegal dumping on land that is not owned which pollutes the environment and leaves a mess for future landowners and generations. We all pay the consequences when that is the choice. We discourage any and all illegal dumping! It is not cool to say the least. Oh, and by the way if you are hiring junk removal be sure to hire those who dump at the dump and transfer stations. Let’s keep our earth clean and free of junk!

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