Garbage Guy' Team Member talking to a customer

Are you in need of junk removal in Youngtown, Arizona?

Did you know that the average American produces approximately 1,600 pounds of trash each year? True story. So, if you have started to notice the junk around your home piling up a little higher than you would like, know that you are not alone, nor do you have to solve the problem on your own! If you find yourself in this situation and are in need of junk removal in Youngtown, Arizona, it’s time for you to call Garbage Guy, your local junk removal expert! Whether you are simply in need of removing a little pile of junk in a bedroom, the garage or have a much larger project, Garbage Guy is happy to help! Offering a full range of junk removal services, Garbage Guy can serve anyone from owners of large business properties to small apartment dwellers.

The following list includes just a sampling of the kind of items we can come and haul away for you:

  • Anything leftover from home or business remodeling projects
  • Moving boxes and packing materials
  • Stuff you don’t want to take with you when moving
  • Non-hazardous waste (Please note: We are unable to haul away hazardous chemicals such as insect and weed killers, oven cleaners, bleach, and drain uncloggers.)
  • Appliance removal and disposal
  • Property management or homeowner clean-outs
  • Branches, limbs, and other debris from storms or yard clean up
  • Dumpster cleanups
  • Old, outdated, or broken furniture
  • Trash-out service for rental properties

After we haul away all of your junk, we always go through the process of sorting the items so that we can donate items to local charities or recycling centers whenever possible, before taking the remaining trash to proper disposal sites.

Ready to get your space back? Call Garbage Guy today at 602-935-0488 or just head over to our scheduling page to schedule a pickup time!