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Recycle and Repurpose to Keep Our Community Clean

Recycle and Repurpose

At Garbage Guy it is our goal to keep materials for recycling out of the landfill. We value the resources in our environment. We prize the effort to recycle. It is our job as individual, families, communities, and nations to work together to keep wisely use our natural resources. Businesses everywhere can establish good resource management practices.

Recycling can be facilitated by providing cans or bins to gather recycle material. The placement of these bins can remind all of us to contribute to the solution and practice of recycling. Recycling facilities are found throughout the Phoenix area and East valley. Repurposing palettes, metal, and wood to make projects is another way of recycling our resources. Recycled plastic bags and other plastic materials are used to make many products.

At Garbage Guy we find opportunities each day to recycle and keep our dump fees lower. We recycle paper goods, boxes, paper, books. We recycle metal, steel, copper, aluminum. We recycle appliances with the freon removed. We recycle everything we can for the benefit of others.

We have received feedback from customers who use us. “I went with Garbage Guy because you recycle.” We love to hear our efforts make a difference. We love our customers who make a difference in their neighborhoods and communities and ultimately the world one recycling choice at a time.