Reduce, ReUse, Recycle – the good things we saw this week

Silos home
A creative use of old farm silos

I recycle things almost every day.  I make stops at Goodwill, Deseret Industries, Savers, St. Vincent De Paul, Salvation Army, and others.  I take cardboard to be recycled, and steel to the scrap yard.

However, today, I saw some great examples of recycling that opened my eyes to new potential for good.

This photo is of a home made out of 3 old farm silos.  They have connected them, added windows, and even a garage.  I can only guess at what was required to modify the interior into livable space.



children have wonderful imaginations
Creative use of space – through the eyes of a child

I came home to find my 8-year-old daughter had re-purposed 2 step-stools into living spaces for tiny dolls.

I look at a stool and see something to step on, amazingly, she saw much much more.  Isn’t it great?


Another great example of re-using things to help others came through a nearby church service project.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Queen Creek organized a clothing exchange.  The idea was that people from the church would bring items they no longer needed to the church on one day and families could come the next day to select things that they needed.  I took a bunch of clothes and household items that we had sorted out for charity donations to the event but I was not prepared for what I saw.  In one morning, church members had filled the entire gymnasium and classroom areas with clothing, toys, books, and household decor.  They gathered enough to fill an entire thrift store and gave it all away to families the next day.


clothing donations
Mountains of clothes for Queen Creek community
Clothes, toys, books, and art
You could clothe and furnish a neighborhood

These examples have changed the way I think about recycling.   What have you seen today?

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