Refrigerator removal

Refrigerators are amazing!  I cannot imagine what it was like to store food before they were invented.  They come in all shapes and sizes and generally last a long time.  Eventually, however, they die.

A dead refrigerator will not fit in your garbage can.  It will not fit in the back of your car or SUV.  It cannot be put out with bulk trash in most cities unless the Freon has been removed.

Some landfills and transfer stations will not accept a refrigerator or freezer for disposal.   Those who do, will often charge an additional $20-$30 for freon removal in addition to the weight charges assessed at the scale house.

The Salt River Landfill will accept refrigerators, freezers, and other major appliances for recycling.   The San Tan Transfer station will also accept non-working refrigerators and freezers for disposal.  Both locations charge between $38 and $45 per ton for disposal in addition to fuel and environmental surcharges and a fee for freon removal.

You can haul it to either location between 7 a.m and 4 or 5 p.m. Monday-Friday and 7-noon on Saturday.   Be sure to secure the refrigerator well in the transport vehicle.  To dispose of a refrigerator, it is best to lay it on its side to transport it because it creates a lot of wind resistance and can blow out of the vehicle easily if not well secured.  (transporting a new refrigerator on its side is not a good idea)

If the freezer or refrigerator you need to remove will not fit in your vehicle, you can rent a truck from home depot or u-haul – sometimes for as little as $20/hour.

If you don’t want to remember or bother with any of the above, just call Garbage Guy – he takes it out so YOU don’t have to.   You can also schedule a pick-up online for refrigerator removal, freezer removal, appliance removal or other junk removal by clicking here: Schedule Service 

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