Are you a REO, realtor, or property manager in need of a professional REO trash-out company? Garbage Guy, Arizona specializes in providing REO trash out services to realtors and property managers in Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. We believe in building quality relationships with neighborhood realtors and property management companies for the sake of being able to provide dependable trash out services when needed.

Often times when a property is foreclosed upon, it comes back to the lien holder in “not-so-great” condition. Meaning, the prior occupants leave personal belongings behind and even goes as far as to damage and/or destroy property as a form of retaliation. The same can happen if rental tenants are evicted or leave under less than ideal circumstances. This can lead to the need for professionals to come in and perform thorough and fast junk removal services in an effort to get the property back in salable condition. The idea is to get a quick and efficient clean out so the property can be put back on the market is as little time possible.

Finding a quality REO trash out service means not only finding one with experience and the ability to move quickly, but having the right equipment and manpower. While some property’s may require only a small amount of cleaning, the bigger more difficult jobs may entail bringing a dumpster to the site as well as incorporating heavy-duty equipment and heavy labor into the cleanup process. Appliance removal and disposal may also be necessary along with junk removal. At Garbage Guy, we have experience cleaning out hundreds of homes, condos, trailers, and apartments over the past decade. We can make your cluttered leftover JUNK a distant memory!

It’s important to have an experienced REO trash out service that you can depend on. With the possibility of having multiple properties that need to be cleaned out, dependability and timeliness are two of the most important components of a good trash out company. It’s best to have everything cleaned up before the foreclosure has been completed. That is why finding a good REO trash out service is in your best interest. With Garbage Guy you will find professionals who clean out in a legal and safe manner. Garbage Guy is licensed and registered in Arizona. We are also fully insured for your peace of mind. When you need an REO trash out service that you can depend on, look no further than Garbage Guy!