Senior Living Assistance – Junk Removal

“I’m selling my house and coming to live with you.” My mother continued, “I’m getting old, my eyesight is no longer good, and I’ve gotten into too many almost-accidents while driving. I’ve been so lonely since your father died 14 years ago and I want to spend my final years amongst my children, NOT in a senior home.”

“First, I was shocked. My mother decided this on her own, without consulting any of the family. She had found buyers for her car and her home in a 55+ community in Mesa, but now it was up to us to help her clean out her trailer, her home for the past 16 years. She didn’t want to keep anything but a few personal items, important family documents and clothing. All her belongings either had to be donated, given to family members, or thrown away. This process took a lot longer than expected since she was particular about what items to keep and remove. Eventually, the trailer was cleaned out and she moved in with one of my sisters.”

“Unfortunately, not everyone is in the same situation my mother was in the last year. She made the choice on her own to move out of her independent living situation, and into an assisted living situation with her family.” (Based on a real situation from a friend)

Often, our elderly family members may not recognize this decision or the time for it on their own. The decisions, tasks, and process to make this transition is a major life change for all involved. It is also a tender and emotional time. At Garbage Guy we are sensitive to the process and have the resources to help your transition go smoothly.

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