These boots were made for walkin’ wish I could fly

I love Sears Diehard boots.  They always fit comfortably right out of the box.  I have tried a number of other boots but they often rub in the wrong spots or take too long to break in.

Sears has a great sale a couple of times a year so I tend to buy more than one pair when they do.  Here are 2 pair of boots that I purchased at the same time last year.


Diehard boots by sears
How many miles does it take?

Take a look at the difference in the soles – I wish I knew how many miles I walked in the pair on the left… they no longer resemble the sole pattern of the new ones at all…


Diehard boots worn through
before-and-after many miles of Junk Hauling

As you can see, I tend to wear the boots till they have nothing left to give.  I am also quite stubborn about saving new things until I absolutely need them.   I pulled the new pair out of the box at least 2 weeks before I finally traded them out this week.  I keep thinking that I can get a little more wear out of the old pair.  And then the sole splits.. but it is still holding together, and then the edge wears through, but the feel fine… then the sole catches on something and peels back a bit too far… 🙁 (Though with a bit of duct tape or some gorilla glue, I could probably get a few more miles out of these 🙂 hmmm…..


Garbage Guy originals
Time to retire this pair

What are your favorite shoes?

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