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You can’t find many other areas overflowing with a wealth of activity options like we have in Mesa, AZ. All of us at Garbage Guy Inc love living in the Valley of the Sun, and we spend our free time exploring all of the great things to do in Mesa, AZ. Here are a few of our return to again and again destinations.

Our list of terrific places to visit in Mesa isn’t in any particular order. Instead, it’s meant to give you a quick look at a few of the areas that we think are sure to make you glad that you visited. With that said, read on and get ready to enjoy Mesa, AZ.

Arizona Museum of Natural History

Who doesn’t enjoy looking at dinosaurs? You’ll find several exciting interactive dinosaur exhibits that tell the story of the time when these remarkable creatures walked in Arizona.

Dinosaur Mountain is the largest dinosaur-related exhibit in the western United States. The display will thrill you with its Mesozoic Era dinosaur sights and sounds and a flash flood that sweeps through Dinosaur Mountain every twenty-three minutes or so.

Modern Mesa sits on top of the remains of several ancient Native American civilizations. The Arizona Museum of Natural History does an impressive job of helping visitors to understand and appreciate the abundant achievements of groups like the Hohokam. You can even explore a real-life archeological dig at the Mesa Grande Cultural Center.

The Arizona Museum of Natural History is open to the public Tuesday through Sunday and closes on all federal and City of Mesa holidays. Admission prices range from (1) $12.00 per adult,(2) $10.00 for seniors, (3) $8 for teenagers, (4) $7.00 for children ages three through twelve, and (5) no charge for children less than two years of age.

Major League Baseball Spring Training

There is nothing more dear to the heart of a baseball lover than the start of spring training each year. If you live for the anticipation of home runs and swinging strikeouts, Mesa is your go-to destination. With a prime location in the Cactus League, you can cheer on both the Chicago Cubs and the Oakland A’s at their stadiums in Mesa.

One of the fantastic things about seeing a spring training game in person is that you’ll have the chance to see baseball stars up close. Somehow, in the more relaxed setting of the Cactus League players and fans have an opportunity to connect in a way that is almost impossible in the regular season stadiums.

You can watch pre-game workouts and may even have the chance to get an autograph from your favorite player. Tickets to the games are also generally less costly than during the regular season.

The Chicago Cubs play at Sloan Park, and tickets for the 2020 spring training games become available on January 11, 2020. The Oakland A’s play at Hohokam Stadium in Mesa. You can purchase tickets for next year’s spring training games starting on December 3, 2019.

Riverview Park in Mesa Az

If your little ones get antsy during a Chicago Cubs game at Sloan Park, head out of the game into Riverview Park. Those of us at Garbage Guy Inc like to brag about the things to do in Mesa, AZ and we are super proud of Riverview Park. 

The park is home to Sloan Park and boasts a (1) fishing lake, (2) spray ground, (3) walking/biking trails, and (4) an unbelievably fantastic playground.

With plenty of shaded play areas, the playground includes enough play structures to delight a wide variety of children. Highlights of the play area include a fifty-foot tall climbing tower and a sixty-foot mesh rope climbing structure.

You can also access the Rio Salado Pathway from Riverview Park. This pedestrian and bicycle-friendly pathway connect Riverview Park with the Riverview shopping center and the fun water activities at Tempe Town Lake.

Usery Mountain Regional Park

Let’s face it; being surrounded by nearly five million people in the Phoenix metropolitan area gets hectic. It makes people cherish the chance to get out into the desert.  One of our favorite outdoor spots in Mesa is Usery Mountain Regional Park.

Consisting of 3,648 acres in the western part of the Goldfield Mountains and next door to the gorgeous Tonto National Forest, Usery Mountain Regional Park is Mesa’s wilderness playground. It’s where locals come to remember that we live in the Sonoran Desert. 

You can be as active or sedentary as you want at Usery Mountain Regional Park. Families love learning about the desert at the Nature Center. Examples of park activities include (1) archery, (2) hiking, (3) camping, (4) horseback riding, and (5) a new outdoor fitness station appeared in 2015.

Along with the extensive activity offerings, the park has a full menu of park programs throughout the year. Recent offerings included (1) All about Condors, (2) Meet Elvis the Kingsnake, (3) Movie Night in the Park- The Living Desert, (4) Meet Shakira the Rattlesnake, and (5) A Full Moon Hike.

Mesa Farmers Market & Flea

Who doesn’t enjoy spending a Saturday morning at a terrific farmers market?

The businesses in downtown Mesa organized these weekly farmers and flea markets in Pioneer Park to bring more people downtown.

Residents have embraced the chance to eat delicious, locally grown food while browsing through all sorts of vendor booths.

Once you’ve had a taste of the Mesa Farmers Market & Flea, you can try out some of the other markets in town. We also suggest that you explore other havens of locally grown food like The Superstition Ranch Farmers Market and Power Road Farmers Market.

Lastly, now that you know about five things to do in Mesa, AZ, we hope that you’ll begin to explore our area. Mesa and the entire Phoenix Metropolitan Area is rich in sunshine and ways to have fun. 

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