Tolleson's Best Junk Removal Company

garbage guy putting the junk on the truck

Do you live in Tolleson, Arizona and have junk laying around your home, business, or other property? If you’ve been waiting for the right time or equipment to get rid of your junk, the wait is finally over! You don’t have to look at that unsightly pile of junk any longer, because Garbage Guy is here to save the day!

Garbage Guy, your Arizona junk removal expert, is a locally owned and operated company that serves the greater Phoenix valley, including Tolleson, Arizona. Our goal is to help achieve a cleaner community and environment, one home and business at a time. We love being able to help people get their space back by hauling away the junk they no longer want.

Are you ready to throw out any:

  • Old appliances?
  • Broken furniture?
  • Mattresses?
  • Moving boxes or packaging?
  • Yard debris?
  • Leftover materials from a renovation project?
  • Boxes of stuff you haven’t touched in years?
  • Trash piles that have accumulated in a spare bedroom or backyard?

If the answer to any of those is “yes”, now’s the time to call Garbage Guy and we’ll take it away! We’ll come to your home or business, put all of your junk in our hauling truck, and clean up the space behind us! Then, after we drive away, and while you are sitting back and enjoying your newly reclaimed space, we’ll be finishing up the job. Whenever we can, we will donate items that can be reused to local charities. Other items will go to a local recycling center. Anything leftover will then be discarded at its proper disposal site.

So, if you are ready to get rid of the extra junk lying around your home or business but don’t want to haul it away yourself, Garbage Guy is just a click or phone call away! We look forward to working with you!