Hey Waddell, Arizona! Do you have junk you want to get rid of?

Do you have junk laying around your house, garage, or yard that you are just tired of looking at? Well, the end is in sight. All you need to do is call Garbage Guy, the Waddell, Arizona Junk Removal Experts, and we’ll come to haul it away for you!

Garbage Guy is a locally owned and operated company that serves Waddell, Arizona as well as the greater Phoenix valley. We love helping people reclaim their homes and peace of mind by getting rid of their junk for them. So, if you are ready to get rid of the extra junk lying around your home or business but don’t want to haul it away yourself, Garbage Guy is just a click or phone call away!

Everyone knows that there is no better time than now if you want to get something done. So, decide today and set aside some time to clean up the house, yard, garage, or even your business. Then, leave the rest of the work to Garbage Guy. We will come and load up all of the things you want to get rid of, and even clean up the area before we leave, so you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your reclaimed space.

After we drive away, our job isn’t quite finished. Whenever possible, we will donate reusable items to local charities take them to a recycling center. Anything leftover garbage will be taken to a proper disposal site. This systematic process of ensuring junk is disposed of properly is just one of the many reasons we are the leading junk removal service in Waddell, Arizona, and the surrounding areas.

Are you ready for Garbage Guy to come and haul away your junk?  Head over to our scheduling page or call us today at 602-935-0488! We look forward to hearing from you!