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We can help!   Garbage Guy is your local clean-up, clean-out, garbage-taking-out superhero.  He gets rid of junk – you get back your space.

Do you need to get rid of paint, oil, chemicals, solvents, or cleaners?  We can’t safely haul those for you, but can tell you where to go.   https://www.earth911.com lists local options by zip code to safely dispose of hazardous or recycle-able items.

Garbage Guy can handle all of your junk removal needs.  If we can’t safely haul it, we will help you know how to get rid of it.  For example, paint cannot be safely disposed of at the landfill or in typical disposal sites.  Many cities operate drop-off stations that will accept it from you at no charge, however.  I understand the city of Chandler, AZ will take up to 20 gallons from a resident and recycles it by combining colors and selling the resulting paint as a primer.   Waste Management does not want you putting paint and chemicals in your curbside trash bin.  It makes a mess inside the trucks, often on the road, and can even result in a ‘hot load’ truck fire when chemicals combine inside the truck.  This presents a safety hazard to the driver, other traffic, and the community.

When paint is dried out, you can safely dispose of it with normal trash.  In Arizona, this just means removing the can lid and letting it sit in the sun for a few days or weeks.  If you are not that patient, Home Depot, Lowes, and other hardware stores sell a powdered paint hardener.  Stir it in, and the paint goes hard right away.  We can then haul it for you, or you can drop it in your curbside trash can.

Before you dispose of any liquid or hazardous material, check Earth911 or call your city to find out where to dispose of other items safely.


Have a Junk-Free day!


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