What…. BedBugs?!!

Dread and horror. When bed bugs are found, people often think it is something they did or didn’t do. There can be embarrassment and worry. It is devastating financially, mentally, and emotionally to learn bedbugs have come into your home or apartment. It is not your fault!  Bedbugs can be transported from a public space to your private residence on a bag set down on the light rail or a bus.   In a rental property, some may already be hibernating in walls without a host or just find their way in from a nearby field. Unfortunately, it is more and more common. Fortunately, you have resources.

At Garbage Guy we encourage all our clients with bedbugs to get their home, or apartment treated by a reputable pest control company that specializes in bed bug removal. After the treatment we can safely remove the affected furniture and carpet. We require treatment before removal because we want to prevent transferring bedbugs to any other location including other rooms of your home. We also do all we can to protect our employees from bringing them home to their families.

Garbage Guy will help you. If you have furniture and carpet affected by bedbugs that must be removed, our junk removal services will come to the rescue. We care about you and the service we can provide will bring back your peace of mind. We care about our community, and we care about the needs of our team. Give us a call for the support and service you need in what can be a difficult and frustrating time.

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