Why You Shouldn’t Burn Trash

In the past, trash burning was the only choice many rural homeowners had to get rid of their waste. Now, most American homeowners have accessible waste management options, which include garbage pick up services and trash drop-off centers. 

According to the Arizona Fire & Medical Authority, backyard burning is not allowed to any homeowner due to fire safety and air quality control. Although this type of open burning is restricted, it continues to be a common method to dispose of garbage in Arizona.

Most of the people who burn their garbage in their properties don’t realize the harmful effects that burning trash has on human health and the environment. In this blog, you will learn why you shouldn’t burn trash: 

It’s Harmful to the Environment

Our trash tends to contain paper, cardboard plastic, and inks. Burning any of these materials produces harmful chemicals that pollute the air, water, and soil. Also, open burning under windy or dry conditions can easily go out of hand and provoke devastating wildfires. Uncontrolled fires can destroy houses, wildlife, and entire areas of vegetation.

It’s a Health Hazard

Burning trash in barrels, stoves, and open pits is a hazard for public health. Garbage burning produces a lot of smoke and releases toxic substances close to the ground where people can inhale them. 

According to the CDC, being exposed to these harmful chemicals can worsen pre-existing heart and lung conditions. Moreover, garbage fires are very difficult to control and can lead to burns and dangerous accidents. 

The smoke released from garbage burning can also pollute land used to grow fruits and vegetables. Food grown near trash-fires absorb hazardous pollutants that are later absorbed by the people who eat them. 


Reliable Waste Removal Services

Besides being harmful to our health and the environment, burning household garbage is illegal. Luckily for us,  there are a variety of cost-effective options to get rid of our trash easily and safely.

If you are looking for responsible waste disposal and removing services, contact Garbage Guy. We offer different trash disposal packages so you can find the one that best fits with your budget and needs. 



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