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About Garbage Guy

It’s not easy being a superhero. Oh sure, there’s the fame, the applause, the prestige. But at the end of the day, all Garbage Guy really cares about is that someone took out the trash.

Garbage Guy showed an early aptitude for clutter control. It started with him taking out the kitchen trash – first by request, then just because he wanted to. Soon he was emptying every trash can in the house on a daily basis. It was just a matter of time before his almost mystical ability to restore order where chaos once reigned would elevate him to superhero status.

Whether tackling the job left by a construction team, a home or office remodeling job, no job is too big for Garbage Guy. Appliance removal and disposal is one of his specialties. Items of weight are not a concern. Appliance pick-up is only a warm-up for Garbage Guy. Not only have they lifted off the premises, but exact procedures are followed to keep the area safe and secure. Do you have one truckload full or a dumpster overflowing? No job is too big for Garbage Guy!

Garbage Guy Team Phoenix Az
Garbage Guy About Us Phoenix Az

Servicing Areas of Arizona

Servicing areas of Arizona, Garbage Guy helps dozens of worthy citizens fight the good fight against the invasive power of junk. Glamorous work? Not really. But for Garbage Guy, his customer’s relief after mastering their mess is all the glory he needs.

Like any other superhero, once Garbage Guy hears your call for help, he is off and running to save the day. Give the hotline a call at 480-241-0110, your one-step easy access to your trash removal hero. Junk removal at lightning speed! Recycled – donated to charity – or taken to the landfill, Garbage Guy does each job in environmentally friendly way saving the earth one truckload at a time.

When Garbage Guy’s not slaying monster messes, he enjoys teaching kids to stay squeaky clean. Kids, if you want to be a superhero at home, Garbage Guy says try cleaning your room and taking out the trash – you’ll be amazed at the response!

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