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Got Junk Arizona?

  • Got Junk in the garage?
  • Got Junk in the side yard?
  • Got Junk on the patio?
  • Got Junk in the shed?
  • Got Junk  in the closet?
  • Got Junk in the house?
  • Got Junk under the bed?
  • Got Junk in the attic?
  • Got Junk in the carport?

If you’ve Got JUNK – that’s a problem.   Garbage Guy is the solution!

No matter where you keep it, we can help you get rid of it!

We service Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Gold Canyon, Apache Junction, Queen Creek, and other valley cities.

We haul away appliances, furniture, trash, yard debris, tree trimmings, construction material, garbage, and JUNK.

We don’t just take everything to the landfill either!  We donate or recycle all usable items; often up to 50% or more of our loads.   We are Junk Removal Professionals.  We carefully load your stuff and clean-up your space.

We are on time, professional, and clean.  Our bright orange truck and uniforms will let you know we have arrived.

You tell us what needs to be removed or hauled away and we will do all of the lifting, loading, and hauling for you.  Our mascot is a superhero – when you see how fast you get your clean space back, you’ll know why.

Here’s to a JUNK Free tomorrow!