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Car Battery Recycling in Queen Creek AZ

A single car battery contains as much as 21 pounds of lead, three pounds of plastic and one gallon of sulfuric acid, all of which can be reprocessed into new batteries.

However, you cannot put a battery in your curbside recycling bin or take it to the Library drop-off location.  It is also considered a hazardous item and should not be put with regular trash.

We can pick up your battery for you anywhere in Queen Creek and deliver it to a recycling center in Chandler, Mesa, or Phoenix.  The recycling centers stack hundreds of batteries onto pallets and ship them off to be safely re-processed into new batteries.

We are a fee-based hauling service and cannot take most hazardous items, but we are able to safely take batteries for you.  We usually charge a minimum rate for up to 1/8 of our large truck but will gladly give you a super discount if all you have is a battery and you are near us in Queen Creek.  (or another phoenix-area city if we are in the area).

The city of chandler operates a household hazardous waste collection facility  and will accept hazardous items from residents.  The Gilbert, AZ household hazardous waste collection facility accepts batteries, automotive fluids, paints, chemicals, and other items that we cannot haul.

If you choose to take a battery to the drop-off facility yourself, place it in a sturdy plastic tub or at least a cardboard box lined with plastic to keep any acid leaks from causing damage to the carpet or upholstery in your vehicle.

We recycle every week and sometimes every day.  We do all we can to donate or recycle all usable items and keep them out of the landfill.  Call if we can help you get rid of anything in your garage!

We will also haul away and recycle a variety of appliances including refrigerators.

*Refrigerator recycling in Queen Creek and other cities requires an additional fee for proper removal of Freon.