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  • #1 for Tire Disposal in Peoria, AZ with Over 1200 5-Star Reviews!

    #1 for Tire Disposal in Peoria, AZ With Over 1200 5-Star Reviews!

Meet Garbage Guy – Providing The World’s Best Tire Disposal in Peoria, AZ

Peoria Metro Area Tire Disposal of all sorts

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  • Whenever Possible, We Donate and Recycle

  • Serving Arizona homeowners and businesses for over 17 years

Garbage Guy Peoria

Who is Garbage Guy?

Garbage Guy offers the best Tire Disposal in Peoria, AZ with Over 1200 5-stars reviews! Discover why we’re the best, Book Today!

Rubbish is easily created by burning rubber. The old tires on your car are quickly turned from useful parts to piles of rubber junk when it’s time for new tires.

Most people stuff old tires into a corner of their garages or leave them next to the garbage bins in Peoria, even though old tires can be used as swings, gardening planters, and construction materials. As a result, you could never see your old tires leave your yard as they are usually not accepted by regular waste services.

However, The Garbage Guy accepts used tires!

5-Star Rated Tire Disposal In Peoria, AZ

What Our Customers Say About Garbage Guy!


Our Outstanding Tire Disposal Results!

Whether it’s a home, office, retail location, business, foreclosed property, construction site, or anywhere else, Garbage Guy in Peoria will make your mess disappear – quick, easy, and hassle-free.

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Top Tire Disposal in Peoria, AZ

Peoria Tire Disposal You Can Count On

You should not dump tires no matter where you live in or around Peoria. Old tires are an environmental hazard! Don’t let them obstruct your way or become an obstacle!

We pick up tires from cars, trucks, bikes, and construction equipment all the time. 

If you have tires that you have been storing and need them to be removed in Peoria. Contact The Garbage Guy to schedule a pickup to dispose of those tires properly.


Take Out The Junk With Garbage Guy!

Here are some videos that show some of our work and the outstanding results we have achieved in Peoria!


We Recycle! We Also Donate Usable Items To Local Charities

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House Of Refuge
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Together, We Will Tame The Trash

Tire Disposal Experts Near You

Upon arrival, the driver will confirm and adjust if needed to cover additional labor or weight charges.

Being junk-free is as simple as a phone call away in Peoria – below you can check areas that we serve

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